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Cataract Surgical Blade Tips

VPM Surgical Inc. in Mohnton, PA

Surgical Blade Tips Manufacturer

VPM Surgical Inc. in Mohnton, PA has 20 years of manufacturing experience with consistent high quality with a line of finished sterile microsurgical blade tips for the ophthalmic industry. We manufacture world-class quality microsurgical blade tips for the use in assembling a cataract knife.

Our manufacturing process utilizes vacuum-purified double melt, hardened and tempered stainless steel. Our technology produces a uniform strength and ductility that is critical to creating a smooth, well-controlled incision.

Assembling your own cataract knife is very cost efficient. Our blade tips are made of grade stainless steel and our knives are labeled for single-use. VPM Surgical Inc. is committed to providing excellent quality products and service. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.